Get Involved

‘The greatest resource in any organisation is its people … and our ITS group has some great people!’ …

Master J Swift VI Degree & Director of Independent Taekwondo Schools

The ITS was formed back in 1998 where several like-minded instructors decided on a new direction for their taekwondo , a direction to benefit their members and the need for affordable martial arts & opportunities for all.


ITS – more than just kicking and punching!

The ITS formation was a bold move during a period of turbulent change in the martial arts industry but a move that has since benefited 1,000’s of taekwondo practitioners not just in the UK but also world wide!

Now directed by Master J Swift (2004-present), the ITS continues to grow & develop with its focus primarily being on quality martial arts & inclusion for all!

The ITS group offers some great benefits, just some of the elements include –

  • * Full syllabus from white belt to masters grade
  • * Independent coloured belt & black belt grade certification
  • * National and International Competitions
  • * H.S.E. recognised first aid courses
  • * Umpires and officials courses
  • * Instructor and business seminars
  • * Weapons workshops
  • * Multi-style martial arts seminars
  • * Discounted quality martial arts equipment from VERVE

And much more …

If you would like to get involved with the ITS there are several things you can do.

Students …

We now have Independent Taekwondo Schools registered worldwide so feel free to search our club finder page for UK schools and contact the instructors directly for further details on training times and venues near you. Alternatively, contact Mr J Swift via the contacts page.

‘the ITS is truly the right home for my students having all the benefits of being independent but with the support & networking opportunities when required’  … R Fisher IV Degree, Fife, Scotland

Instructors …

Driven by sheer enthusiasm and passion for Taekwondo and the martial arts, the ITS has many important assets but none more so than our instructors. Whether you are an experienced martial arts instructor or new to the sector, the ITS offers the opportunity to manage your own small business and deliver an adaptive syllabus and regime of training that will appeal and relate to all ages and grades.

‘The ITS is an organisation that invests time in its instructors so that we can invest time in our students!’ … M Cartwright, IV Degree, Kidderminster, England

(ITS Black Belt Grading – November 2018)

The ITS can offer a non-political, ‘no-hassle’ approach to the martial arts and club ownership with all the support and advise you need to achieve your goals. With low price licence membership, regular belt gradings, marketing and business solutions, as well as the events, training and development programmes the ITS offers stability and an ideal foundation for success.

If you would like to become part of the ITS group please feel free to contact Master J Swift via the contacts pages of our site.