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2017 Black Belt Camp Success

So huge weekend in Newport South Wales for our 2017 Black Belt Camp with Master, Grand masters, students and instructors literally from all round the world!!

The atmosphere, camaraderie , knowledge and learning was amazing throughout, thank you to Grand Master Willie Lim, Grand Master Paul Liversidge, Master Tod Wurr, Master John Swift, Master John McNally, Mr Stanley Green, Mr Ross Fisher and Mr Aaron Gassor as the weekends seniors for their valued input!

Also, a huge congratulations everyone who was involved in the Saturday night demonstrations and assessments particularly Mr Stuart Evans, Mr Ryan Coles and Mr Neil Sollis who promoted to 5th degree and Mr Matthew Dowson who promoted to 4th degree, amazing job guys!!!

Keep an eye out for updates regarding our Glasgow, Scotland black belt camp 2018 … more info coming soon!

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