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VERVE featured at Clash of the Titans 2013

Saturday 16th March saw the 25th year anniversary & fight night extravaganza of the famous UK based M.A.I. Clash of the Titans!

Our VERVE brand had front row tickets being the main supporters of the show and what a fantastic evening it was!

The event played host to a number of top bouts bringing together many of the largest UK organisations as well as a wealth of martial artists & generations past and present!

On the mats much of the tension and anticipation surrounded the main bill mens team event which proved to be electric from start to finish! A number of heated battles led to a final between Chris Boughey & Joe Tierneys Team NWCKB and Alfie Lewis’ Mushin Kai, Mushin Kai narrowly took the spoils but the success of the event was in highlighting the high skill levels and diverse fighting styles within the UK …. Well done all!


Oliver Sykes wins at Clash of the Titans 2013

Oliver Sykes wins at Clash of the Titans 2013

OLIVER SYKES (sponsored by VERVE) fights at the Clash of the Titans 2013

Earlier on in the evening young Oliver Sykes stepped onto the mats showing why he is one name that many are talking about as one of the up and coming stars of the future!
Oliver fought his fight with fortitude, skill and control, making better use of his movement, conditioning and a dynamic back-kicking technique that led to winning his bout comfortably!

Oliver photographed in his VERVE kit with Mr John Swift and his mom!

VERVE MD Mr Swift said ‘as a young up and coming martial artist myself I watched and admired the fighters at the clash, the passion, the skill, the flamboyant nature and differing fighting styles, Oliver truly optimized that’ he continued ‘as the the owner of the respected brand VERVE, it feels fanastic to be able to invest back into the UK martial arts industry, and more so into a show for the fighters and a platform to showcase the development of sport martial arts’

Congratulations to Bob Sykes & his team at Martial Arts Illustrated magazine for hosting such a great show, not just this year but the success of the last 25yrs!

Also thank you to those who came to talk to and spend time with some of the VERVE staff, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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